Try our newly published 1-hour ‘Sustainability Starter Kit’ online and start your personal learning journey on sustainability now!

In the last century, humanity has made incredible economic progress. But this progress has come at the cost of environmental degradation and widening inequality. This is simply unsustainable.

We have to change the way we live and do business. In our interactive 1-hour Sustainability Starter Kit, sustainability experts share their knowledge and give you tips for action. Let our learningguide take you by the hand, have fun with our interactive exercises and start your personal sustainability learning journey now.

If you want to get a quick impression of what you can expect from spending one hour learning about sustainability, check out our short trailer. If you this could be a great training for your organization get in touch with us now and learn how we can roll it out for you.

You will learn about the relevance of sustainability, about key terminologies your need to know and how science and politics views and tackles sustainability challenges. Beyond this you will also learn concretely about what companies and you personally can do to become active and have a positive impact on sustainability.

Take Action

Today is the day to start your journey into sustainability. Reduce your footprint, increase your handprint, and create a heartprint now!